Junaid H. Rahim
Currently working as a Backend Engineering Intern at Atlan.
I am a Junior at KIIT, Bhubaneshwar studying Computer Science and Engineering. Mostly interested in Systems Engineering and Machine Learning.

Hey, I am Junaid

I am currently working as a Backend Engineering Intern at Atlan. I am a junior at KIIT, Bhubaneshwar studying Computer Science and Engineering. I also head the Web Team at DSC KIIT.

Some of my other side hustles include this podcast and this Weekly Research Newsletter.

Computers and Math have fascinated me since I was a little kid. I started programming when I was 13 and eventually became extremely curious and passionate about computing. Most of my experience has been with full stack web technologies with a little bit of machine learning and deep learning. You can have a look at most of my work on my github.

I read a lot, mostly about psychology, society, tech, design and economics. I use Obsidian to make notes (yes I am obsessed with it). I love to learn new things and create something cool.

Skills and Interests

  • Languages: Python, Javascript, C/C++, Golang
  • Frameworks: React, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Flask, Echo, NodeJS, Typescript
  • Other: Git, Linux, SQL, CI/CD, Docker, MS Azure, AWS, Firebase, Latex

My prime interest lies in the intersection of systems engineering and machine learning. I really enjoy learning about system architecture and deploying ML/DL models at scale.


Here are some of the key projects I have worked on in the past few months

  • Divert - DSCKIIT’s URL Redirection Service

    • Developed the internal URL redirect service, handling over 1k redirects at peak load. Improved latency and throughput using hashmaps, caching and multi-threading
  • Semen Motility Analysis Using 3D CNNs

    • Semen analysis is an integral part of Invitro Fertilization also known as IVF. We trained a spatial temporal 3D convolutional neural network to predict sperm motility from videos along with other tabular data.
    • Runner Up, Innerve Data Hackathon, 2020 Organised by IGDTUW
  • HalideOS

    • An Experimental OS written entirely from scratch.
    • It supports a basic shell with some commands including a command line calculator. You can boot it up in virtual box.
  • Plothole - AI powered Pothole Reporting

    • Developed an end to end AI powered pothole reporting system. Photos of potholes clicked by citizens are classified by CNN’s (VGG-16) to determine validity and severity.
    • Submitted for Smart India Hackathon, 2020.

Most of my other projects are open sourced under the MIT license and available on my github



Just some of the videos I put out, most of them are tutorials or sessions I conduct online for DSC KIIT.


Experiences and Updates

Backend Engineering Internship
Atlan · Remote
June 2021 - Present
Freelance Web Developer
Dec 2020 - Jan 2021
Developed and deployed the company portfilio website to improve outreach. Used Gatsby and Firebase.
International Conference on Learning Representations
Guide: Prof. Alexander Rush · Cornell NLP, Cornell University
March 2020 - April 2020
  • Worked with Prof. Rush’s team to build the open source virtual conference portal for ICLR 2020. Implemented backend to manage all the submitted papers via the OpenReview API.
  • The portal gathered 1M+ page views, 100k+ video watches and 80k+ chat messages
Research Project, NLP
Guide: Prof. Debajyoti Banik · KIIT University
Dec 2019 - August 2020
  • Worked with Prof. Banik on a research project titled ‘Neural Network based Optimized Pruning Strategy for Statistical Machine Translation’
Web Team Lead
Developer Students Club KIIT · KIIT University
Sept 2020 - Present
As a member of DSC KIIT I work with my team on various interesting projects and also make videos on various web development related topics.
Full Stack Web Developer
Desire Foundation · KIIT University
August 2019 - Present
I work on the team responsible for building and maintaining the website and blog. I mostly work with NodeJS, Gatsby and MySQL.